About Morewits Consulting

Morewits Consulting provides enthusiastic, impeccable and cost-effective professional services without compromising quality.  Essentially, our professional services encompass Corporate Management Advisory, Data Analytics, Economic and Policy Research, Training and Capacity-Building Development, Project Management and Financing, Verification Management, as well as Performance and Promotion Management.  We pride ourselves with delivering pragmatic solution to corporate professional challenges.

At the Morewits Consulting, we provide bespoke services based on our clients’ requirements because we do not practise ‘one size fits all’ professional services.  We understand that every company and individual have different professional requirements in different sectors; which largely explains why our practical and applied bespoke professional services are tailored to the needs of the individual corporate organisations and employees.  Following a client’s professional needs assessment, our professional consultants subsequently provide the appropriate professional and lasting solution.

In the case of corporate training and capacity- development, we will propose a selection of the appropriate modules that will deliver maximum benefits to the organisation and its participating staff.  For a large team, we develop staff groupings and a timetable that spread over a number of days or weeks for delivering both ample flexibility and great value for money.  Importantly, where possible we work with examples of your business data and case studies that help to apply the training modules in the context of the client’s business operations and skill needs.

Our Slogan

More Wits, More Effectiveness

Our Vision

To be one of the best global management consulting firms per excellence.

Our Mission

To provide forefront and sustainable management services meeting the needs of our corporate and individual clients.

Strategic Priorities

For the purpose of achieving the vision, the Morewits Consulting intends to take forward the following five strategic priorities during the period 2020-2025:


To be a Professional Management Consulting firm of first choice for both the individual and corporate stakeholders.


To provide distinctive, relevant and pragmatic solution to the professional challenges of our clients.

Capacity Building

To provide training and capacity-building services that enhance hands-on and transferable skills.

High Quality

To provide a high quality experience that addresses the aspirational, social and technological needs of our clients.

Strategic Partnerships

To pursue strategic partnerships and external engagement opportunities globally that will provide reputational advantage and added-value to the Morewits Consulting.

Our Corporate Values

Attaining the vision, mission and key strategic priorities of the Morewits Consulting rests on pursuing the following values:

Our Corporate Values’ Acronym: PETFLED


Providing applied hands-on professional services.


Providing professional services with efficacy.


Delivering professional services with candour.


Delivering professional services to all stakeholders.


Leading by good examples.


Delivering professional services par excellence.


Delivering professional services under strict control and regulation.


Our Consultants and Trainers have different professional practices and dexterous consulting expertise.